How to Hire a Cheap Tenancy Cleaning Service

The decision to hire a home cleaning service is usually made after some weighty deliberations. This is because you will usually have some reservations on issues of privacy, security and of course cost.  You will be thinking that a DIY cleaning job will cost you less and put you in control of your home. However, the benefits of using a cleaning service always outweigh those of DIY cleaning in a big home. Further, there are many cleaning companies such as Citi Clean that can provide you with great cleaning prices and end of tenancy cleaning prices. This leaves you to search for an affordable cleaning service. How can you do it?

Listen out for referrals

There will be that person praising such and such cleaning service. These kinds of conversations are easy to find on different social media platforms. Go to Pinterest where there are plenty of mums comparing different household issues like cleaning and cooking. You can also ask around the office of someone who knows a good cleaning service that they can recommend. You will also find plenty of classifieds of cheap cleaning services. One cleaning company that offer very affordable end of tenancy cleaning prices is Citi Clean. They also offer package deals when you book two or more services together.

Collect quotes

This is a quick way to compare different cleaning services.  Come up with a standard work schedule and ask 3 cleaning services for price quotes. Compare the quotes on price and other issues like bonus services or discounts.

Ask to have a site visit

Sometimes, a cleaning service will give an arbitrary figure erring on the higher side to avoid getting burnt in case the job is more than expected. You can help them make an accurate price quote by having a home visit by one of their professionals.  You may be surprised that the cleaner sees the work as a matter of a few hours and quotes a significantly lower price than you expected.

Keep a clean house

If your house is in relatively good order and you just need deeper cleaning, it will be hard for the cleaning service to charge you a lot on the basis that there is a lot of dirt. Ensure your house is in relatively good shape when the cleaning agent comes around for a site visit.

Offer to help

When the cleaning service makes their quote, look at it and check for details on what is costing how much. If there are items on the quote that you can handle, offer to do that yourself.  Striking these items off will bring down the cost.


Negotiation is allowed anywhere. Negotiate with the service for a lower cost and show why they should go down. You could say that you had cleaned recently, or your living room is smaller. Use your negotiation skills.

9 Tips to Use in Engaging a Move Out Cleaning Service

Are you moving out in a hurry but still want your tenancy deposit refunded soonest? Your best bet for getting the deposit would be using a move out cleaning service. This way, the cleaning can be done professionally reducing the risk that the landlord will raise a dispute which could delay the refund of your tenancy deposit. There are tens of move out cleaning services in London. How would you pick one that will do the job satisfactorily?

Pick from several

Do not stick with the first brochure you come across.  It is advisable to choose from 3, 4 or 5 services. There is the web for research and you can always ask for a free price quote. Many services will be happy to provide you with the price quote and other information like discounts. Scrutinize these carefully.

Check for licensing and insurance

This is for your own protection. In case anything goes wrong, you will want to have someone take responsibility for the damage.

Define the scope of work clearly

Do not assume that the cleaning service knows that the bathroom sink needs to be scrubbed. Define what you need to be done clearly by writing it down.  Ask if there are off-limit areas in your scope of work that the cleaning service will not work on.

Ask for a clear price

Demand that the final price is clearly shown on the price quote including any terms and conditions for added costs. All applicable taxes should also show.

Mention special needs

If the children and pets will be in the house during the cleaning, be sure to mention it. Let the cleaning service know of any allergies or phobias. Let the presence of pets be known so that the cleaning crew is not caught off-guard.

Be clear on supplies

Who will supply the cleaning materials? What kind of cleaning materials will the cleaning service use? If you have specific cleaning materials that you prefer, have the cleaning service strike the costs of these from the price quote and buy them yourself.

Decide on your presence

Will you be present when the cleaning is going on?  If you feel awkward, leave the instructions written clearly and give the cleaning service a number on which they can reach you.

Do not be a busy body

While it helps to put away your private stuff, do not do the tidying and cleaning job on behalf of the cleaning service.  The cleaning crew are pros who know how to handle what they find on the site.


End of Lease Cleaning: Hiring or DIY?

When moving out, many tenants are torn between doing the end of lease cleaning themselves and hiring a cleaning service. Some people are shy on inviting strangers into their homes. Others believe that cleaning services take good money for work they could do in a few hours. However, as a tenant, there are some points to consider when making a choice between using a cleaning service and DIY cleaning.

Time convenience

How much is your time really worth? At the end of your lease, you have a lot of stuff to handle. You have to settle into your new home, ensure that bills at the previous house have been cut and changed, know new neighbours and a lot else. Spending 2 days doing the cleaning in a place that you may have left for unpleasant reasons is not the best thing to look forward to.

Hiring an after leasing cleaning service ticks off this chore off your to-do list leaving you with more time to concentrate on what is necessary.

Distance convenience

If you have moved a far distance from your previous address, DIY cleaning would mean returning to the house to do the cleaning. This could be very inconveniencing as you would have to take time off work, arrange for transport and lodging arrangements. Costs like these are the last thing you want on your budget seeing as it is that moving into the new house demanded tenancy deposit and other painful costs.  On the other hand, you can hire a cleaning service over the internet or the phone and have the cleaning done as you go about your daily tasks.

No disputes

After lease cleaning is supposed to go deeper than your normal thorough monthly cleaning. This is because the landlord will be going over the house with a microscope ready to raise a dispute at the slightest hint that the cleaning has not reached his expectations. If the landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning done, he could ask you to repeat it or cut a part of your deposit. If you had hired a cleaning service, you will simply ask the service to repeat the cleaning.

Cost benefits

If you have to do DIY cleaning, you will incur costs in buying cleaning materials and tools. You may even have to take on extra help. Incurring these kinds of expenses for a one-off job is not economical. When you hire an after lease cleaning service, you will just have to pay a one-off fee and forget about going shopping for cleaning materials or hiring temporary labour.

Why You Need London Cleaning Commercial Services

As a business owner in London, the cleanliness of your premises is a factor in the growth or decline of the business. The law requires that you keep a clean and safe working environment failure to which there can be legal consequences. Your clients will also form an impression about the business according to the cleanliness observed. However, keeping business premises clean is not an easy task especially for a busy business with high foot traffic. Engaging a London commercial cleaning service can benefit the business in several ways.

Professional cleaning

Asking for cleaning volunteers or making a cleaning schedule is most likely to have half-hearted efforts on those among the staff doing the cleaning. The staff could even refuse outright as cleaning is not in the work contract. This leaves hiring a cleaning service as the best option. The added advantage is that a cleaning service will have the necessary manpower, equipment and materials needed to do a proper job.   with competition among cleaning services high, the cleaning service you hire is bound to do a high-quality job to keep the contract.

Good work environment

A clean and safe work environment means more than a clean floor and shiny neat desks. The quality of air is also a part of having a clean environment.  Cursory cleaning by employees would only involve mopping and wipe the furniture. A professional cleaning service will go further than this and also wipe dirt off unseen areas like inside the HVAC system or the back of shelves.  The bleaches and disinfectants used will also kill bacteria accumulating on shared surfaces like handrails making the workplace safer.

Higher productivity

A dirty work environment lowers productivity as employees get sick from germs and dust which necessitates many medical sick-off days.  By keeping a safe and clean workplace, your staff will be happier and healthier raising productivity and performance of the business.

Fewer squabbles

Many grumbles at work arise from worker feeling that they are getting a raw deal, for example, added work without pay. By assigning cleaning duties to your staff, you are encouraging discontent and squabbles at work as different people argue over how this arduous task should be done.

Legal issues

You have a responsibility if maintaining a clean and safe workplace.  You can face legal problems if your business premises are dirty and unsafe for staff and clients. You could also be exposed to litigation if harm arises from the workplace being dirty for example a member of staff contracting a disease or having an accident could sue for damages.