9 Tips to Use in Engaging a Move Out Cleaning Service

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Are you moving out in a hurry but still want your tenancy deposit refunded soonest? Your best bet for getting the deposit would be using a move out cleaning service. This way, the cleaning can be done professionally reducing the risk that the landlord will raise a dispute which could delay the refund of your tenancy deposit. There are tens of move out cleaning services in London. How would you pick one that will do the job satisfactorily?

Pick from several

Do not stick with the first brochure you come across.  It is advisable to choose from 3, 4 or 5 services. There is the web for research and you can always ask for a free price quote. Many services will be happy to provide you with the price quote and other information like discounts. Scrutinize these carefully.

Check for licensing and insurance

This is for your own protection. In case anything goes wrong, you will want to have someone take responsibility for the damage.

Define the scope of work clearly

Do not assume that the cleaning service knows that the bathroom sink needs to be scrubbed. Define what you need to be done clearly by writing it down.  Ask if there are off-limit areas in your scope of work that the cleaning service will not work on.

Ask for a clear price

Demand that the final price is clearly shown on the price quote including any terms and conditions for added costs. All applicable taxes should also show.

Mention special needs

If the children and pets will be in the house during the cleaning, be sure to mention it. Let the cleaning service know of any allergies or phobias. Let the presence of pets be known so that the cleaning crew is not caught off-guard.

Be clear on supplies

Who will supply the cleaning materials? What kind of cleaning materials will the cleaning service use? If you have specific cleaning materials that you prefer, have the cleaning service strike the costs of these from the price quote and buy them yourself.

Decide on your presence

Will you be present when the cleaning is going on?  If you feel awkward, leave the instructions written clearly and give the cleaning service a number on which they can reach you.

Do not be a busy body

While it helps to put away your private stuff, do not do the tidying and cleaning job on behalf of the cleaning service.  The cleaning crew are pros who know how to handle what they find on the site.