How to Find Roommates and Rooms to Rent Birmingham

Finding rooms to rent Birmingham is not the easiest of tasks in a city as big as this.  However, there are good websites to help in such a search. These sites such as spareroom and easyroommate have powerful search filters that will allow you to search by rent, area, interests and even roommate preferences. It is also good to remember that there are plenty of crooks and all sorts of weird people on these sites so it is important to exercise due diligence.  You can still get good roommates and rooms to rent Birmingham by following a few tips.

Look at the details

Go over everything with a sharp eye. When looking at the ‘rooms to rent’ posts   start with the basics. These include the size of the room, rent costs, distance to the subway, and amenities like laundry services.

Next, look at the details the person doing the posting has provided about themselves. Are there weird habits or hobbies (like 10 cats)?  How do they describe their personality? What are they looking for in a flat mate?

Some pointers can also tell you much about the potential house mate. If the post has been done in poorly done English or feels a bit disjointed, that would point to a foreigner, or a person who is careless about the way the posting comes out. This could also be the attitude adopted towards you. But if the post has been well done with enough details, you are looking at an organized person who would make a good flat mate.


It is good to do a search with an open mind. Seldom will you find rooms to rent Birmingham with affordable rent and an easy commute. You can try to get as close as possible to the right balance using Google Maps. This is a very useful tool that can give you an idea of the commute and the amenities in an area.

Compatible house mates

Trying to live with an incompatible is an exercise in futility. It is highly advisable that you find out as much as you can about your potential house mate. Visit their social media profiles and you might be surprised. It is also good to have a one to one talk to check them out.  Be honest about personality and hobbies and ask them in return. If the personality and interest clashes are too high it would not be worth it.

Make sure to meet everyone in the house. You could spend time during mealtime to check out how the house mates get along. And see if you like it.