End of Lease Cleaning: Hiring or DIY?

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When moving out, many tenants are torn between doing the end of lease cleaning themselves and hiring a cleaning service. Some people are shy on inviting strangers into their homes. Others believe that cleaning services take good money for work they could do in a few hours. However, as a tenant, there are some points to consider when making a choice between using a cleaning service and DIY cleaning.

Time convenience

How much is your time really worth? At the end of your lease, you have a lot of stuff to handle. You have to settle into your new home, ensure that bills at the previous house have been cut and changed, know new neighbours and a lot else. Spending 2 days doing the cleaning in a place that you may have left for unpleasant reasons is not the best thing to look forward to.

Hiring an after leasing cleaning service ticks off this chore off your to-do list leaving you with more time to concentrate on what is necessary.

Distance convenience

If you have moved a far distance from your previous address, DIY cleaning would mean returning to the house to do the cleaning. This could be very inconveniencing as you would have to take time off work, arrange for transport and lodging arrangements. Costs like these are the last thing you want on your budget seeing as it is that moving into the new house demanded tenancy deposit and other painful costs.  On the other hand, you can hire a cleaning service over the internet or the phone and have the cleaning done as you go about your daily tasks.

No disputes

After lease cleaning is supposed to go deeper than your normal thorough monthly cleaning. This is because the landlord will be going over the house with a microscope ready to raise a dispute at the slightest hint that the cleaning has not reached his expectations. If the landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning done, he could ask you to repeat it or cut a part of your deposit. If you had hired a cleaning service, you will simply ask the service to repeat the cleaning.

Cost benefits

If you have to do DIY cleaning, you will incur costs in buying cleaning materials and tools. You may even have to take on extra help. Incurring these kinds of expenses for a one-off job is not economical. When you hire an after lease cleaning service, you will just have to pay a one-off fee and forget about going shopping for cleaning materials or hiring temporary labour.