How to Hire a Cheap Tenancy Cleaning Service

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The decision to hire a home cleaning service is usually made after some weighty deliberations. This is because you will usually have some reservations on issues of privacy, security and of course cost.  You will be thinking that a DIY cleaning job will cost you less and put you in control of your home. However, the benefits of using a cleaning service always outweigh those of DIY cleaning in a big home. Further, there are many cleaning companies such as Citi Clean that can provide you with great cleaning prices and end of tenancy cleaning prices. This leaves you to search for an affordable cleaning service. How can you do it?

Listen out for referrals

There will be that person praising such and such cleaning service. These kinds of conversations are easy to find on different social media platforms. Go to Pinterest where there are plenty of mums comparing different household issues like cleaning and cooking. You can also ask around the office of someone who knows a good cleaning service that they can recommend. You will also find plenty of classifieds of cheap cleaning services. One cleaning company that offer very affordable end of tenancy cleaning prices is Citi Clean. They also offer package deals when you book two or more services together.

Collect quotes

This is a quick way to compare different cleaning services.  Come up with a standard work schedule and ask 3 cleaning services for price quotes. Compare the quotes on price and other issues like bonus services or discounts.

Ask to have a site visit

Sometimes, a cleaning service will give an arbitrary figure erring on the higher side to avoid getting burnt in case the job is more than expected. You can help them make an accurate price quote by having a home visit by one of their professionals.  You may be surprised that the cleaner sees the work as a matter of a few hours and quotes a significantly lower price than you expected.

Keep a clean house

If your house is in relatively good order and you just need deeper cleaning, it will be hard for the cleaning service to charge you a lot on the basis that there is a lot of dirt. Ensure your house is in relatively good shape when the cleaning agent comes around for a site visit.

Offer to help

When the cleaning service makes their quote, look at it and check for details on what is costing how much. If there are items on the quote that you can handle, offer to do that yourself.  Striking these items off will bring down the cost.


Negotiation is allowed anywhere. Negotiate with the service for a lower cost and show why they should go down. You could say that you had cleaned recently, or your living room is smaller. Use your negotiation skills.